The perfect app for remembering the wines you love! Take a photo or type the wine name, that's all you need to get started.


  • Take multiple photos of your favourite wine (e.g. front/back labels or photos to remember the occasion).
  • Quickly enter basic wine details (e.g. grape, country, region) using the in-built "suggestion" lists (the app will gradually "learn" what you use the most and suggest those in future).
  • Add your own wine ratings.
  • Share your wine photos/data via Airdrop, email, Twitter or Facebook
  • Add wine tasting notes (tap from a "suggested" list to help you describe the wine or add your own tasting notes).
  • Add when/where you enjoyed the wine.
  • Add general notes.
  • Sort your wines by name, grape, color, country, region, rating or date.
  • Search your personal wine log for those favourite wines.